Megan Nanna

What’s up? Lots! Today kicks off the St. Patrick’s Day weekend, which means Kells is throwing down a three-day party at its downtown location and a two-day party at its NW brewery, the latter of which comes with Irish dancers, fortune tellers, and an international brewers festival.

Starting Monday, the Mercury is celebrating cocktails all week long with Highball Week, which means that you’re entitled to $5 specialty cocktails at over 40 local bars from March 19 to March 25.

And in the "this just in" bummer department, we reported that Saturday will be your last day to scream out and lead a Total Eclipse of the Heart singalong at Chopsticks III on Columbia, because the building it’s in recently sold. RIP, Chopsticks III. We hope you go out with a bang.

And now for the week that was:

To kick things off, a social media dustup followed an IRL dustup after some heated words were exchanged between customers at Kachka, when some anti-Nazi customers encountered a young man there wearing a Luftwaffe T-shirt like it was NBD. Per Eater, folks took to social media to say that the restaurant’s owners kicked them out after confronting him, accusing them of being “Nazi sympathizers” who deserve to be run out of town if they don’t change their tune. (Kachka chef Bonnie Morales’ grandparents escaped the Nazis back in the day. Just so you know.) Here’s Kachka’s statement to us, in full, from Bonnie’s husband and Kachka co-owner, Israel Morales, on the matter:

“As owners of Kachka, this whole event has been incredibly painful for Bonnie and me. Our fear is that this misinformation could cause discriminatory groups to think Kachka is a safe haven, which it most certainly is not. We care deeply for our community and want to make sure that people of all races, religions, and backgrounds feel safe in our space. We would like to reiterate that we never kicked anyone out for speaking up, we had no idea what the symbol on the shirt meant, and if we had known, we would not have served him. Although we are an inclusive place for people from all walks of life, we do not tolerate discrimination of any form in our restaurant.”

Eater also was the first to report that Modest Mouse’s Isaac Brock’s Poison’s Rainbow is now open and serving Ranch Pizza on the popular NE 28th Street drag, and that Tails & Trotter has reopened in its old digs on NE 24th a year after a fire caused its closure.

As reported by both the WW and the O, Matt’s BBQ, the popular North Williams’ smoked meats food cart that recently said it was looking for a new space, has found one. It’ll open in the parking lot of the German beer bar, Prost, up on Mississippi, come April.

Finally, the White Owl Social Club is 86ing its beef and lamb burgers and swapping in cruelty-free lab-born “impossible” burgers in their stead, according to Portland Monthly. If this is what we think it is—an environmentally progressive meat alternative that lets us eat cow-free hamburgers—we love it. Why wait until summer?