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CENSURED CENSUS—"At least 12 states signaled Tuesday that they would sue to block the Trump administration from adding a question about citizenship to the 2020 census, arguing that the change would cause fewer Americans to be counted and violate the Constitution," writes the New York Times. Yes, Oregon is one of them. Nice work, us!

SECRET MEETINGS AND ARMORED TRAINS—"A secretive meeting between North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and China’s Xi Jinping this week showcased enduring bonds between the two countries, highlighting the diplomatic challenge facing President Trump," says the Washington Post. This is great news! Trump's really good at diplomacy and challenges!

ALTON STERLING—"Two white officers who shot and killed a Louisiana black man in 2016 will not face criminal charges," reports the BBC. "Video footage appearing to show the officers holding down Alton Sterling, 37, as one fired his gun, sparked days of protests in Baton Rouge."

STEPHON CLARK—"The California Department of Justice will join the investigation of the fatal shooting of Stephon Clark," writes NPR, "who was gunned down by two police officers after a chase that ended with the unarmed man dead in his grandparents' backyard."

SO, UH... YOU HAVE A NEW BODY PART—"With all that's known about human anatomy, you wouldn't expect doctors to discover a new body part in this day and age," Live Science ominously reports. "But now, researchers say they've done just that." Say hello to your "fluid-filled spaces" that can be found "in connective tissues all over the body"! Nice.

TRUMP'S LATEST TARGET—"The Trump administration is ending a program that allows citizens of Liberia living in the U.S. to avoid deportation," because fucking of course they are. "Right now," says PBS NewsHour, "839 Liberian citizens have valid work status under the program."

OREGON'S HEALTH CRISIS—"Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has signed an executive order and a pair of bills relating to substance abuse and addiction in the state, declaring a public health crisis," writes the AP. "The order, which Brown signed Tuesday in Portland, declares addiction to be a public health crisis in the state and sets a timeline for the Oregon Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission to deliver a plan to combat the problem."

THE DISNEY ADMINISTRATION—"The White House press office is getting a bit more Sunshine these days—former Disney Channel star Caroline Sunshine, that is," quips CNN, incredibly annoyingly. "She's joining the team as a press assistant." Meanwhile, former Mouseketeer Ryan Gosling sits quietly in the dark, staring at his silent iPhone, awaiting the call announcing his appointment as Dreamboat-in-Chief. And yes, I included that dumb joke, and indeed this entire item, just so I could trick you into reading a news post by putting a picture of Ryan Gosling at the top. Later, suckers!