Sixteen-Story Building Coming to Old Town Chinatown


Good. Build it. And when can we get Fritz out of office? I can't remember the last time she's done anything positive, and these latest series of NIMBY anti-development votes and positions she has taken make her a completely lost cause.
spot zoning, as opposed to what Fritz would prefer which is wholesale downzoning...
The only “historic” atmosphere I feel in Old Town Chinatown is “sleaze”.
A total No Go Zone after dark. This is the beginning of population pressure
pushing development (gentrification - Oh the Horror!) into the area. Just wait
for the Post Office redevelopment to get started. The vagrants and their
services could be moved out ahead of time (Wapato anyone?) to speed the
process but not likely. All sorts of fighting, wailing, rending of clothes, and
pulling of hair will take place before they are pushed out, but they will be
pushed out. Maybe in 10 to 15 years the area will be decent.