Any movie featuring a UFO DEATH CULT is aces with me—which brings us to The Endless, the new, widely acclaimed indie horror movie that looks weird and intriguing and creepy and, yes, like it features a UFO DEATH CULT.

The Endless will be opening in Portland at the Hollywood Theatre on Friday, April 27 (and on Saturday, April 28, directors Justin Benson Aaron Moorhead will be in attendance for a Q&A for the 6:30 pm show, as well as an introduction to the 9:30 pm show).

We'll have a full review once The Endless is closer to to release, but in the meantime, we're giving away some passes to the film—passes that are good for the film's entire theatrical run in Portland, which means you'll be able to pick the time and date you see it. So long as the film's not already sold out, you'll be able to get in for free.

To enter, see below, and watch for our review of The Endless (and probably some more insights regarding UFO DEATH CULTS), in an upcoming issue of the Mercury.