Elifritz Family Hires National Civil Rights Attorney to Investigate Portland Police Shooting


I am grateful to have lived one more day without someone carjacking me or holding a knife to my throat. The Wapato facility was designed and built with people like John Elifritz in mind -- mental health/substance abuse treatmentfor dangerous people with nowhere to go. Then the Multnomah County Commissioners got all wrapped up in Republican voodoo economics and refused to find a way to carry out the $58MILLION will of the people. As far as I am concerned, they are all Mean Girls -- I will never vote for anyone who has been part of Multnomah County's fecklessness. NO CITY COUNCIL FOR YOU!!!!! If Multnomah County is indeed the Mistress of Social Services for this area, let's see some action or let's mothball Multnomah County government. Permanently.