View of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico during an island-wide power outage.
View of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico during an island-wide power outage. Jose Jimenez / Getty Images

Good morning, Portland!

I'm spending the day in federal court to watch Portland's annual check-in with the U.S. Department of Justice on changes the police bureau has made (or hasn't) since a 2012 investigation found Portland police engaged in excessive force against people with mental illnesses. Follow along! It should be an interesting day.


Order Up: A Burgerville store in Gladstone has become the second in Portland to apply for an official union vote after Burgerville failed to recognize its union. "It's willful disregard for our rights," an employee told the Mercury.

A Good Neighbor: Remember when plans to build a Trader Joe's at the corner of NE Martin Luther King and Alberta kicked off a massive, necessary discussion about gentrification in North Portland? Now, five years after community pushback halted the plan, a Natural Grocers is popping up in the same spot. But this time, it looks like the grocery chain has done its homework.

Running On Empty: Turns out the former director of the Portland Marathon has illegally borrowed more than $865,000 from the nonprofit that operates the event.

Sad Lungs! An American Lung Association report includes four Oregon cities in its annual list of the 50 top air polluting cities in the country. Portland ranks 32nd.

Covering Bases: You might have heard that a group of developers are interested in bringing Major League Baseball to Portland—and have even placed bids on a couple properties that could hold a stadium. According to the Oregonian, they've also spent some time throwing money at City Hall electeds (at least $30,000, to be precise).

Puerto Rico, Still in Crisis: Puerto Rico has been hit with the second island-wide power outage in a week—the largest since Hurricane Maria tore through across the island seven months ago.

Heartless: It looks like Satanic Keebler Elf Jeff Sessions doesn't believe domestic violence should be a legal justification for an immigrant seeking asylum in the US.

Baby Steps: The US Senate voted yesterday to allow infants (under the age of 1) on the chamber floor. This decision was prompted by the birth of Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth's child earlier this month, making her the first Senator to give birth while serving in the Senate. [Insert joke about how the Senate is already run by a bunch of babies here.]

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