Pizza Jerk
Pizza Jerk Natalie Behring

Ask any Portland old-timer and they'll tell you that the major food conversation of the early '00s revolved around the lack of decent pizza. They would pine longingly for the New York or Chicago-style slices of their pasts—and frankly? It got a little annoying! But oh, what a difference a decade makes, because now on the tail-end of the city's restaurant boom, Food & Wine magazine has a new article titled, Portland Is America's Next Great Pizza City.

Singing the praises of Portland's pizza chefs of today, the article covers most of the city's hottest places to score pie, including veterans such as Ken's Artisan Pizza, Apizza Scholls, and Escape from New York, as well as newer models like Lovely's Fifty Fifty, Baby Doll Pizza, and Pizza Jerk. Charred pie entrepreneur and Apizza Scholls founder Brian Spangler talked at length in the article about educating the public on his particular style of pie, and pizza's growth in the market:

"Today's scene is nothing like it was 10 years ago. There are a ton more pizzerias now—options for all kinds of palates, whether it be a pizza's style or toppings. Portland consumers are on the winning end due to the increased competition, which only leads to better quality across the board. If someone doesn’t like my style, they'll most likely finding their favorite somewhere else in town. I think that’s awesome."

Check out the article, it's packed with interesting stuff and will surely get you salivating for a slice a pie—and perhaps the best way to experiment and fill your belly is by taking advantage of the Mercury's Pizza Week which features over 30 slices from Portland's best pizza makers... and for only $2 each! Whaaat? BUT HURRY! The last day to enjoy Pizza Week is TOMORROW, Saturday April 21!