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Good Morning Portland! It sure is nice to finally have some good weather in this rainy old town. I don't know about you, but I'm planning to lay in some grass and enjoy the breeze at some point today. It'll be sunny with a high of 83! Now, let's get to the news.

We're learning more about the four innocent young people where were killed by an asshole with an AR-15 in a Nashville Waffle House Sunday. The suspect, Travis Jeffrey Reinking, is in custody, but he leaves four grieving families and four more injured victims in his wake. The worst part: police at one point confiscated the man's guns, but he got them back anyway. Rest in peace, Akilah Dasilva, DeEbony Groves, Joe Perez, and Taurean Sanderlin.

Canadians in Toronto were also attacked yesterday when a van plowed into pedestrians, killing 10 and injuring 15. This attacker is also in custody, though he initially tried to avoid arrest. There is no suspected national security connection at this time.

Over in DC, Trump has been ignoring the carnage caused by angry white men (at least according to his Twitter feed) in favor of meetings with German and French leaders. The Europeans have crossed the Atlantic to salvage the Iran nuclear deal.

Former CIA director Mike Pompeo is on track to become the new Secretary of State. The senate will vote on whether to confirm his position on Monday. Pompeo, a known war hawk, received a surprise endorsement from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee after some pressure from Trump to fall in line.

Humans have removed nearly double the amount of fish from the sea as previously thought—25 million tons, to be precise. Researchers say that fishermen didn't report "bycatch," the unwanted juvenile fish and undesirable fish species caught by trawlers. Half the fish caught by trawlers were therefore thrown away.


Former president George H. W. Bush was hospitalized with an infection the day after his wife's funeral. He's 93 years old.

Over in Armenia, Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan has been forced to resign amid nation-wide protests.

If you'd like to hear some analysis about what this means for Armenia's future, check out Al Jazeera's coverage with Inside Story.

Nicaragua's authoritarian leader Daniel Ortega is also facing widespread protest this week. The six days of protest have turned deadly, with at least 28 people killed by police. The protests stem from negligence in handling forest fires and attempts to redirect retiree pensions.

Hey! Oregon's primaries are in May, and today is the last day to register to vote! You can change your voter registration here. And keep an eye out for our endorsements issue: It's coming.


Burgerville's workers have voted overwhelmingly to unionize and ask for Federal recognition in a move that will force corporate to recognize the union's validity. Corporate has ignored the union for the two years since it first formed.

Good news! There's a cure for Hepatitis C. Bad news: Oregon doesn't allow everyone access to the drugs due to the cost.

The Oregon State Bar published a statement against white supremacy and hate speech that incites violence—a move some criticize as too political, but I deem: nice.


That's all for today, folks! Have a great and sunny Tuesday. But first, enjoy this video of the fastest hot dog shooter in the Northwest. I'm just sayin'.