Conflict of interest alert—which you may be interested in! GUYS. If you love laughing your pants off at some of the funniest people in town (whether I am or not is debatable), I hope you will attend a verrrry hilarious sketch show from comedy troupe Sedan (of which I am a member) called "Haunted House Sleepover!"

This is an orginal production from the same laugh-makers at the Siren Theater who brought you Road House: The Play, The Lost Boys Live, and last fall's stage production of Poltergeist, and "Haunted House Sleepover" is just as great. THE PLOT: The pals of Sedan are challenged to spend an entire night in the old Wilson Mansion, and soon realize that was the STUPIDEST decision they've ever made, because they are brought face to face with all sorts of horribly funny ghosts and ghoulies. It stars the great Shelley McLendon, Loren Hoskins, Paul Glazier, Chad Parsons, and ME—so I hope you can make it for any of the next two weekends of performances. Here are the deets!

Sedan in "Haunted House Sleepover"
Friday April 27 and Saturday April 28
Friday May 4 and Saturday May 5
Siren Theater
315 NW Davis
Get your tickets here! Cheap, only $12!

And if you’re still not convinced, there’s more information here! Thank you for your attention, please go back to whatever it was you were doing, and GOOD-BYE.