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If you are anything like me (in which case you have made some very regrettable decisions and are now living in their ruinous wake), you enjoy getting high.

But wait, you can also enjoy a way that by getting high you can additionally do some good. We can all agree that there is a severe shortage of good in our society these days, which may be why many of us get high.

So here are three cool, good things that you can do when you buy cannabis. Which will allow you to get high, which is cool thing #4, so everyone wins!

Jayne—This well-stocked and beautifully designed dispensary features both friendly budtenders and an emphasis on community involvement. Each month, they select a charity and a farm, and give a dollar from every gram sold of a specific strain to the selected charity. For April, every gram of Bruce Banner from Kumba Hill Farms sold nets one dollar for the Oregon Food Bank. For May, Bull Run Craft Cannabis's fantastic Silver Tip is featured, and $1 from every gram goes to the Cascade AIDS Project. Jayne, 2145 NE MLK,

Moto Perpetuo Farm—This farm, whose names translates from Italian into "perpetual motion," was a gem to find on my IG feed, amongst the Insta-ass accounts of numerous pretty young things showing video of themselves taking a dab hit with emoji bunny ears, because that never gets old. Moto Perpetuo has a line of ever-changing pre-rolls they have dubbed "Help Is on the Way," of which 100 percent of the proceeds benefits a rotating collection of charities. Currently they have three varieties offered, which benefit Saving Sophie and Canna Kids, "with their research investigating the best paths to combine cannabis and western medicine to confront pediatric cancer." Find out where they are carried at and follow them on Instagram at @motoperpetuofarm.

Cura—Ten percent of all sales on, Cura’s hemp-derived CBD e-commerce site, will directly benefit Realm of Caring. RoC is an organization that aims to improve lives through research, education, and advocacy around cannabis and hemp products, with a mission to advocate and spread educational information about cannabis—along with often misunderstood details about the endocannabinoid system—to health care professionals as well as families with life limiting diagnoses across the country. "We intend to use the funds raised during the month of April for our Realm Cares recipients. This is a monthly grant given to families who may need a little extra financial help due to being on a therapy that their insurance does not cover. We have given over $200,000 directly back to families through this program,” says Heather Jackson, CEO of Realm of Caring. You can buy products that support this here.