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Good morning, Portland.

If you weren't aware, it's the last day of April, meaning it's time for this gratuitous gif:


Here's what else you may have missed over the weekend:

Hit A Wall: The Trump-feared caravan of about 200 Central American migrants seeking asylum in the U.S. has arrived at San Diego’s border crossing, San Ysidro. The group, which has been narrowed down from an original group of 1,200, was stopped by federal immigration agents Sunday afternoon—claiming they could not process such a large number of asylum cases all at once.

Hotline Bling: Sprint and T-Mobile have merged (under the name T-Mobile) to become one sole cellular carrier. This mawwige, which comes after years of negotiations, mades T-mobile the third largest service provider under AT&T and Verizon.

Too Far? Comedian Michele Wolf served some piping hot shade Saturday night at the annual White House Correspondent's Dinner. Apparently, too hot for some people. While it's tradition for the dinner's host to burn the current administration and major media organizations—more people were critical of Wolf's zingers than of past (male) comedians, including the people who hired her. It's forced the question: What do you expect? Also, why the hell do we still need the correspondent's dinner?

Swish Swish: An excellent longread on the fierce group of women working at Nike’s Beaverton headquarters who, fed up with their sexist, sexually abusive workplace, shook shit up.

Money Moves: Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler will announce his proposed budget for the city today. In preparation for the city's final negotiations, Wheeler has taken the helm of all city bureaus. Here's why.

Pod People: Downtown Portland's Alder food cart pod's days may be numbered, if developers of a 33-story building gets their way.

Arms Race:
There's an official name for the state ballot initiative hoping to ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and gun magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition: Measure 43. Oregonians in favor of the ban have until July to sign a petition to get the measure on the November ballot.

BONUS: My parents are in town! I asked them what they'd like me to include in today's GMN.

Melissa Zielinski says you should read this great book called The Overstory. "It weaves together people's lives with the trees around them." People in Portland like trees, she says, so they probably will like this book.

Bill Zielinski wants you to stop using the word 'weasel' in the negative sense. "Weasels are endearing animals with strong personalities. Please keep an open mind about weasels." Bill has studied weasels his entire life, and was even quoted in a New York Times article about it.

Here's a video he recommends you watch if you're still on the fence about weasels: