If you're a comedy lover, you already know about one of Portland's hottest monthly shows—the I, Anonymous Show at Curious Comedy Theater! Host Caitlin Weierhauser (voted Portland's Funniest Person) reads aloud the craziest, most jaw-dropping I, Anonymous submissions from the Mercury's very popular column and blog, and then dissects them with a panel of hilarious comedians.

But check this out: Now you can revisit some of the greatest I, Anonymous Shows via the I, Anonymous Show podcast! AND WE'VE JUST UPLOADED A BRAND NEW EPISODE, titled "A Dildo Named BOSS"! That makes EIGHT terrific episodes that are currently on iTunes (my personal faves are Episode #2, titled "Big Dick Confidence," #5 "Guess Again, Butthole!" and #6 "I [May Have] Impregnated My Sister") and ready for you to download and enjoy. So try 'em out, they are an absolute blast! (And expect new episodes every month!)

Also don't miss the next live installment of the I, Anonymous Show coming at ya Wednesday, June 13th at Curious Comedy, and until then, download the podcast! It's a goddamn hoot, I tell ya!