Yesterday, the OLCC announced they are pausing their acceptance of new cannabis business licenses. From the announcement:
"The OLCC will temporarily shift licensing staff to focus solely on recreational marijuana licensing renewals for current licensees, already submitted recreational marijuana applications, and medical marijuana registrants required to start using Oregon's Cannabis Tracking System."
Only applications received by June 15 will be processed. Anything received after then will be set aside until a later date, so as to allow OLCC staff to process existing applications and renewals. If you haven't completed your application, get going, slacker.

This shouldn't come as a great surprise, as the OLCC has been very, very busy. How busy?

Since April 2016, they have issued nearly 1,900 recreational cannabis licenses, and 29,000 marijuana handler permits. In a great piece in the Bend Bulletin, officials confirmed that since legalization, they had expected 800 to 1,200 license applications, but instead received more than 3,400 license applications.

The pace of new and renewal applications has not slowed down, and it's not the only thing on the OLCC's full plate. A change in Oregon law means that nearly 2,000 Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) grow sites are now required to register with the state's Cannabis Tracking System by July 1, 2018.

If you have any buzzy, get-it-done type strains, it might be a good time to share with the hard-working staff at the OLCC.