To market, to market, to buy a small b.
To market, to market, to buy a small b.

Apparently, according to Twitter, anyway, the International House of Pancakes is changing its name. But TO WHAT? Here's what we know so far: As of Monday, June 11 (note: it is unclear whether the date of this announcement was chosen because it's one day before my birthday, which is also the birthday of Anne Frank and George H.W. Bush), iHop will become iHob. Could it simply "b" a short term promotion designed to inspire free media "content" such as the very paragraph you are currently reading and which I am currently typing, much to our mutual chagrin? Or will it stand for something else?

Bullshit? Bitcoin? Bill O'Reilly? Brusqueness? Benzodiazepene? Bhad Bhabie? Bisexual Visibility? Brinkmanship? Blink 182? Bottoming? Blintzes? 'Bortions? Bou'll have to Bait until Bonday to bind oub!

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