We are all Angela Merkel
We are all Angela Merkel Leon Neal / Getty Images)

Good morning, Portland! It's going to creep up to 70 degrees today, the perfect temperature to be stuck behind a bridge lift in. Here's some news to start your week:

Don't Blow It: Donald Trump is (finally) in the midst of his historic meeting with Kim Jong-un in Singapore. According to the White House it's moving faster than expected.

Frenimies: This weekend's G7 summit in Quebec has eroded the United States' relationship with its longtime international pals. Not only did Donald "America First" Trump shred critical trade agreements with our Western allies, but he called Canadian PM/Dreamboat Justin Trudeau "dishonest & weak."

De Niro: The Musical: Robert de Niro proudly declared "Fuck Trump" at the Tony Awards Sunday. Related: "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical" did not win any of the awards it was nominated for.

Y THO: International House of Pancakes is now International House of Burgers, and I genuinely don't understand what's going on.

The Toll of Deportation: A Honduran father died from apparent suicide in a Customs and Border Protection holding cell in Texas. He was found dead after immigration agents told him he'd be separated from his family, with whom he'd just crossed the border with. Meanwhile, shortly after a teenage DACA recipient living in Des Moines was deported to Mexico, his throat was slit by gang members. The teenager had lived in the US since age three.

Union Busting: Labor activists across the US are holding their breath for the Supreme Court's ruling on a major case that could overturn unions' abilities to collect union fees from non-members cover crucial union organizing and bargaining costs.

No Bad Whores: Sex workers and advocates took to the rainy Portland streets this weekend to protest the SESTA/FOSTA bills—policies that hurt professional, consensual sex work under the guise of human trafficking reform.

Marching Orders: Five staff members at a Eugene high school who took a knee during the national anthem at an assembly have been warned by school district officials against engaging in "acts of political expression during the workday."

And I'm still mourning the loss of Anthony Bourdain. A favorite clip: