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Donald and Kim chilling in Singapore
Donald and Kim chilling in Singapore Handout / Getty

Good morning, Portland! It'll be a balmy 83 today, so it sure is starting to feel like summer. Mostly because I can already hear construction noises outside my open window. Let's get to the news!

Donald Trump, who met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un yesterday in Singapore, has announced that the United States will stop performing joint military exercises with South Korea. Both leaders signed a joint statement in which the United States promised to "provide security guarantees" and North Korea promised "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” Trump also suggested putting condos on North Korean beaches, but Kim knew better than to sign anything on that front.

And while Trump and his fans are Trumpeting the meeting as historic, analysts say it could not have possibly gone worse for the United States: clear concessions on the American front and empty promises from North Korea.

Trump's daughter, meanwhile, is making big money off the presidency. Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner made between $82 million and $147 million in 2017. And alongside that cashflow: enormous debt. NPR reports their total unpaid debt ranges between $27 million and $135 million. But there's no way any of that could impact their behavior working for the government, right?

Evil potato Jeff Sessions decided to enact something cruel: domestic violence and gang violence are no longer valid reasons to request asylum at the border. Women fleeing from violent domestic partners and from horrifying gang violence will now likely be turned away at the border. And with more than 10,000 migrant children now in the custody of the state, sometimes for as long 16 months, America has set a clear precedent that it will no longer help the helpless.

The Supreme Court has finally come out with a positive ruling: the Swinomish Native Americans up in Washington had for years raised concerns about the loss of salmon due to harmful road placement. And this week, SCOTUS upheld a lower court ruling that requires the state to repair roads that are harming salmon runs.

Homeless in Seattle: Seattle has repealed its landmark decision to tax major companies with a flat $275-per-employee fee. The tax would have funded projects to address the homeless crisis and only affected the biggest companies in town—those with over $20 million in annual revenue. But conservative voices won the fight, leaving Seattle with not nearly the money it needs to put roofs over the heads of all its residents.

Oregon's weird “Yes! Keep Our Groceries Tax Free!” petition has enough signatures to get on this year's ballot. Sounds simple, but union organizations argue that the changes it would bring are sweeping due to the broad language of the measure, and say it could lead to unintended consequences.

Also, Salem's drinking water is still gross, and will be for the next two weeks.

That's all folks! Well, except for this robot revolution news: robots can hug now! And it's only kind of uncanny. Scientists are testing the huggability of this robot to see if they can program machines to comfort humans. I think they might want to change the voice first.