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U.S. Agents Take Undocumented Immigrants Into Custody Near Tex-Mex Border
U.S. Agents Take Undocumented Immigrants Into Custody Near Tex-Mex Border John Moore / Getty Images

Good Morning Portland! Man, it's really starting to feel like summer: people are hanging out at parks, having picnics... wait a second, it's going to be NINETY today?! Someone needs to get me a popsicle and access to a pool, stat. In the meantime, let's get to the news!

Donald Trump is still separating families at the border, though he's now blaming Democrats for his own policy. And get this: there's no plan in place for reuniting the families the government tears apart. The ripples of this cruelty aren't just in Texas either—over 100 immigrant men are being held at a federal prison on Sheridan, Oregon, and it's unknown if they've been given access to lawyers. Here in town, protestors are blockading the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building and plan to do so for several days. Here are some other things to can do, and here's why you should do it: just listen to the cries of these kids. It's heart wrenching.

Trump is also planning to instate a rule to allow the creation association health plans with lower requirements than those of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which critics say could weaken the ACA considerably. Missing requirements include mental health care, emergency services, maternity care, newborn care and prescription drugs—you know, all the things Americans are immune to and don't ever need because we're superheroes and there are no babies.

Here's a headline you've heard before: Trump is threatening a trade war with China.... again. The war started with $50 billion in tariffs, and now he's stacking another $200 billion on top of that. In total, the administration is threatening $450 billion in tariffs, when China sends about $506 billion worth of goods to the U.S. every year.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Un is visiting China, presumably to talk shit.

Rising carbon dioxide levels could have strange effects on plants: while they're likely to grow bigger, some of our most important crops could have limited nutritional value in high CO2 environments. Grains and rice will both lost protein and vitamins, which scientists say could be very harmful to populations with already-limited access to nutrients.

In international news, the United Nations thinks Gaza and Israel are on the brink of war.

Egypt, meanwhile, is cracking down on its LGBT community with death threats for raising rainbow flags and prison sentences for attending a concert with a gay lead singer.

Here in Oregon, our supreme court has fast tracked a gun control petition, allowing it to begin gathering signatures ahead of a July 6 deadline. The petition would force gun owners to use trigger locks to secure their weapons when they're not in use or being carried. Another petition going before the Oregon Supreme Court would restrict the use of semi-automatic military-style weapons.

According to a recent report, Washington County has racial equality problems. Notably, Somali-speaking students in the county are 197 percent more likely to be suspended than their white peers. The report also covered housing and employment issues, and showed that stereotyping led to a lot of the inequality in the county.

Portland may start limiting the use of plastic straws, if city council passes a related resolution on Wednesday. Straws are harmful to the environment and cannot be recycled.

That's all, folks! Here's a video of people dancing cut from nearly 300 different movies.

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