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Japans melting.
Japan's melting. Carl Court / Getty Images

Good morning, Portland! Here's some news to start your day:

Record Rains in Japan: Massive flooding and landslides in western Japan have left at least one hundred people dead. The disaster was triggered by record-setting rainfall across the region.

Today in "Fuck You, Russia": Dawn Sturgess, one of the two Brits poisoned by the nerve agent Novichok, has died. Authorities are investigating her death as a murder, many believing she came in contact with the chemical after it was used against a former Russian spy who lived in her Salisbury neighborhood.

Out of the Dark: Eight of the 12 members of a boys soccer team who've been stuck in a cave in Thailand were successfully evacuated over the weekend. All boys are in decent health, but understandably "starving." Four boys and their adult coach are still waiting to be rescued.

Turtle Power: A group of protesters swarmed a Kentucky restaurant over the weekend after hearing that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was dining inside. The angry group chanted "Abolish ICE!" and "Vote you out!" (a little meta) from the parking lot until Mitch scuttled away.

Speaking of Which: What would abolishing ICE actually look like?

Strawpocalypse: Starbucks' ditching plastic straws! Or, at least, it plans on "phasing out" its iconic green straws by 2020. Instead, iced coffee drinkers will be forced to drink out of an adult sippy cup. The only exception: Frappuccinos. Because Frappuccino or die, I guess.

Supreme Leaders: Donald Trump plans on announcing his conservative pick to replace outgoing Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy this evening. Here's what to look for. Everything's fine.

Junk Science of the Day: It turns out that the US essentially blackmailed Ecuador out of passing an important infant health resolution during the World Health Assembly this past Spring. According to attendees, the US put its support of baby formula companies before medical research, refusing to pass a resolution confirming the health benefits of breastmilk without placing severe sanctions on Ecuador, the country that spearheaded the resolution.

Slow Jamz: Oregon Department of Transportation is kicking off a number of major road closures this month. To appease grumpy drivers, the state agency has put together a gridlock-themed Spotify playlist that includes Cher, Biebs, and the Talking Heads. CLEVER. Another clever thing: biking.

A Lot of Weird Shit Happened in Portland Over the Weekend: Let's start with the Avett Brothers show. On Saturday, the folk band canceled its sold-out show at McMenamins Edgefield amphitheater after a guy showed up to the concert with a gun—and then disappeared into the crowd.

Not a Drill: A man was arrested yesterday after chasing a TriMet employee with an electric drill at the Parkrose Transit Center.

Tragedy in Fairview: A woman died from apparent suicide yesterday after a stand off with Multnomah County Sheriff's Office deputies yesterday. Deputies spent nearly four hours talking with the armed Fairview woman who was threatening suicide before she fired a fatal shot. (Anybody going through a mental health crisis should call the Mental Health Crisis Intervention Hotline at 503-988-4888 or 800-716-9769).

Today's Longread: A realistic take on society's changing perception on mental health—and how its failing people. Here's my favorite line: