Paul Morigi / Getty Images

Buzzfeed reports that "women in immigration detention are often denied adequate medical care, even when in dire need of it, are shackled around the stomach while being transported between facilities, and have been physically and psychologically mistreated."

One woman described "bleeding out" and losing her baby while in detention. She later gave up seeking asylum and accepted a "voluntary departure" back to El Salvador, according to Buzzfeed's story.

This report comes as the Trump administration says it won't meet the Tuesday deadline to reunite migrant mothers who've had their children taken from them.

Jeff Sessions' Justice Department has now identified 102 children age 4 and younger who have been separated from their parents, The Washington Post reports, and while the government says that perhaps half of them will be reunited with their families by Tuesday, it also hasn't been able to tell a federal judge exactly how many separated children there are in total.

After the families are reunited, they'll be released pending immigration hearings. Federal Judge Dana M. Sabraw, who's ordered the reunifications, called all of this "real progress," according to The Washington Post.

"Sabraw," the Post added, "has also ordered the government to reunite nearly 3,000 children five and older with their parents by July 26."