Other Oregonians Trump Should Consider Pardoning



You sure did dump one giant false equivalency in the middle of that one, Alex. The "Kooks Gals" only did what every other food cart in this town did: took inspiration from someone's cuisine, tried to market it. For their trouble, they got death threats, amazingly petty press, and finally going out of business.
This particular paper had an article on the subject so fucking tone deaf, it quietly shitcanned the author and now a very, very belated "update" sits in its place, apologizing for lying about the motives of the owners, and causing them that much grief.

So the equivalent to all those other assholes you list would be "the idiots who actually sent death threats to those women." Fix it, please.


And of course, Paul Linnman didn't blow up anything. Rather, he was standing there reporting on the whole whale demolishment, and was one of the people who had blubber rain down upon him.

Seriously, you should delete that 'Kooks' thing. That truly shows you to be a shithead. Even Steve Humpy admitted the Merc had the wrong take on that one.


Jess and Luke, too: they were actors, weren't they? So not them, but what they represent. Damn. You spend a lot of time being wrong, for a person with a public forum and a job writing things that other people will read.
Again: unless you actually think that tortilla recipes are any particular person's intellectual property, TAKE DOWN THAT KOOKS THING, dammit. Or don't ever let me see you at Robo Taco.


Amazing that you have to link to another site's discussion of your Kooks burrito scandal-making because you deleted all traces of it on your own site and threw the author under the bus.