Courtesy Human Access Project

Get ready to get wet, Portland, because the best river event of the year is going down this coming Saturday, July 14... the annual Big Float! For those new to town, the Big Float is a celebration of the Willamette (put on by the Human Access Project) in which thousands of fun-havers put on life vests and jump into inner-tubes (or inflatable swans or floating slices of pizza) for a nice leisurely float in the river. But that's not all! In order to spread out the fun for early birds and later birds, there will be TWO inner-tube parades—at 1:30 pm and 3 pm) that starts at Tom McCall Bowl (just south of the Hawthorne Bridge on the west side). If you'd like to get in free, show up between 7:30 am and noon, and participate in the beach cleanup party. And as always there will be a floating music barge featuring bands such as Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons, B-Side Players, Zephyr with Pete Krebs, and more. Plus there will be food and drink, and not one but TWO 100' long slip-n-slides, so you can "slide the bowl'! THIS KIND OF FUN IS INSANE.

Pro tips! The Big Float has air compressors on site if you don't have time to fill your own float. Also if you want to beat the crowds at the gate, you can pay your $10 registration online and sign up in advance here, which is what all the smart people do. Register today, otherwise it's $15 at the gate!

Trust me, people! The Big Float is a BLAST! So don your sexiest swimwear, grab a life vest and an inflatable, and let's get wet!