Stay up to date on Portland news and politics. Looking for fun? Here are the best Things to Do in Portland today.

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Good morning, Portland! Congrats, you survived the first 100 degree day in 2018! There's still a heat advisory in place until 8 pm tonight—meaning you should stay out of the sun and drink all the water. Don't have a cool home? Here are some public spaces and community centers you can hang out in until the weather improves. And now, the news you may have missed while drowning in a pool of your own sweat this weekend:

France won the World Cup! Not only did it produce this glorious photo of President Emmanuel Macron, but it was seen as a sweeping win for immigrants across the globe. Sixteen of the 23 players on France’s team are immigrants, most of them from Africa. Seven of those players are Muslim. Couldn't be a clearer example of how immigrants add to, not detract from, a country's culture.

Oh! And: The final game was underscored with an appearance by Pussy Riot, dressed in police uniforms and producing unwelcome chaos in the middle of the match—a statement on how Russian police upend everyday life. The incredibly badass group of women appear to be the only people who used the World Cup's locale to protest Russian's toxic use of power.

Back to the Present: Donald Trump is currently in a closed-door meeting with Vladimir Putin, days after the US Justice Department indicted 12 Russian intelligence agents with interfering with the US election. Here's where you can find live updates from the meeting, if that's how you want to spend your Monday.

Nicaragua Needs Our Attn: The death toll of Nicaraguans killed in anti-government protests since April has reached 273. The most recent deaths, at the hands of Nicaraguan military officers, occurred inside a church, where protesters had sought sanctuary.

Police Shooting in Chicago: Harith Augustus, a 37-year-old Chicago barber, was fatally shot after being confronted by a probationary officer Saturday night. According to police, the officer confronted Augustus on the street, believing he was illegally carrying a gun. It escalated. When the officer discovered he did, in fact, have a gun—Augustus was shot dead. While police have already released the officer's body camera footage, the clip appears edited. Not a great decision.

Bad Kitty: A jaguar escaped its enclosure in a New Orleans Zoo and killed at least 8 of its fellow zoo animals (including four alpacas). The zoo is providing grief counseling for its staff—and for children who regularly visit the zoo. :(

Good News: Sacha Baron Cohen has a new show called "Who is America?" Bad News: It's revealing more horrifying assumptions about politicians in the US. Here's a snippet of Cohen asking Republicans in Congress to support a program that arms kids.

Oh Wait, That's Already Happening in Oregon: A guns rights organization has filed a petition for the November ballot that would require all sixth graders take a firearms safety course.

Round Two: Now that the Hammond men are out of prison and back at the family ranch in Burns, Oregon, they're gearing up for a new fight: allowing prayer and religious sentiment in public schools.

Torture Music! According to folks camped out at the Occupy ICE PDX site, the ICE building was playing one song on repeat over the loudspeaker for hours yesterday. Turns out, it's a song that was famously used in a torture scene from The Walking Dead. Real cute. (Note: It's unknown if the feds have the copyright license to play that song in public spaces).

Behind the Numbers: In June, the Oregonian found that more than half of all arrests made last year in the Portland area were of homeless people. Street Roots asked its vendors to share anecdotal evidence to back up this claim. It wasn't difficult to find.