Police Tell LGBT Couple to "Ignore" Man Yelling Homophobic Slurs at Them



Portland Police can't be bothered investigating crimes. They are way too busy harassing homeless people and posting rightwing screeds about the Mayor on social media.


Publish the address of Mr. Punk-Ass Trash Mouth, and let the community do the rest. Bigots shouldn't be afforded the luxury of privacy any more.


Heinous. Its clear that anyone that makes verbal threats is engaging in Harrasment behaviors. If they are physically posturing, or physically menacing,and being verbally aggressive ,engaging in stalking behaviors ,those are crimes and harassment charges could be filed just to have it on public record. Those officers sound like a couple of incompetent lazy morons that need a legal primer. .so much for our community tax dollars at work paying their salary and bennies..gee so much for a return to effective community policing..The Police response was inadequate..They need to do better than that.


Jesus fucking christmas... where do I start. Nice to see that 1982 never left. I swear I was watching a time travel video back to that neighborhood just as it was when I grew up. That little piece of shit won't last long. And every one of those fucking cowards around him will need to move soon, as they should. Portland Police: you have documented evidence of a hate crime. Do your fucking job or the citizens will do it for you. "Cesspool" is right.... drain it.


Nice to see the Tigard-housed PPD once again showing tremendous concern for people in Portland. But should we expect anything less? After all, in their world, homelessness makes a growing city a "cesspool" and a convicted sex offender definitely deserves a second chance if he can throw a fastball.


False dichotomy alert: It's not a question of "lock up houseless (or housed) criminals OR lock up anti-gay thugs.".

We need the police to arrest people - houseless or housed - who commit property and other serious crimes. And -yes- we ALSO need the police to arrest terrifying creeps like this. And yes, we need them to do it without being biased against the homeless, minorities, etc.

We can and should demand ALL of this. Other cities do. So pay them more, hire more of them, train them better, and provide them with better oversight.


Ya don't have to be smart to get hired as a cop in Portland.


It appears to be the house on 6304 SE Duke on street view. Go to neighbor report for that property: https://neighbor.report/address/6304-SE-Duke-St-Portland-OR-97206-USA/33567871_id/
When you do the name that comes up is Robert Stouffer. Put that name into google image search and see an ugly bald man with a beard that I think is the older man with the young nazi in the video.
To be fair I'm not a detective and could be wrong.


Looking at the google images picture again I don't think it is necessarily the same person, so apologies to the guy on images if it isn't. But I think it is that house, not that the stupid cops care.


^ And this is why internet vigilantism is a terrible idea, folks.


Hi Boofus,
You are completely in the wrong. Enjoy.


De-escalation, people! Any and all self-defense classes say if you can walk away from an aggressor, do so... de-escalation, escape, and avoidance! Never hang around if a person is threatening you. Although this kid is a bigoted creep, seems to me that egos on both sides got the better of the two. Keep your ego in check!

Question: Would you teach your kids to react the way the victim did?

"Kid, if a strange man is calling you names and threatening you from across the street, approach him, puff your chest out, return his threats and generally just stick around as long as you can."

Answer: No, you wouldn't teach your kids this.

We cannot control what happens in the world. We can control how we respond to it: WALK AWAY IF YOU CAN.


fascinating that police want her to "ignore" hateful comments. When cameras or comments are directed at police, is that how they generally respond? She lives in the neighborhood and walks that street to get to where she is going --- so walking away just means leaving the door open for more harassment/assault later on. Generally I would say, yeah, walk away but not when you know you will be going that way regularly. Need to confront that shit.


So let me see if I get this straight: Police should de-escalate, but private citizens should confront aggressors, return threats and linger in the area... yes or no?

Can you cite any reputable self-defense course that advises walking across the street, returning threats and sticking around when confronted with an aggressor? I'll be waiting! ;)


ORS 163.190

(1) A person commits the crime of menacing if by word or conduct the person intentionally attempts to place another person in fear of imminent serious physical injury.

(2) Menacing is a Class A misdemeanor. [1971 c.743 ยง95]


i. e. punishable by upto 364 days in jail and a 6250 fine

Police should have arrested that S++t