Police Union Says Homelessness Has Turned Portland Into a "Cesspool"



The only way to end homelessness is to help homeless people - give them access to the help, the homes, and the services they need. Every city in this country that has succeeded in nearly eradicating their homeless "problem" is by PROVIDING HOUSING TO THE HOMELESS. Once the homeless have housing, then they are able to address the other problems they need help with - whether it is mental health services, help with addictions, obtaining employment, getting training or education, etc.

We can all complain about homeless people and bitch and moan forever about what a hassle they are and how disgusting they are and what a problem they are BUT NONE OF THAT WILL END HOMELESSNESS. Being poor, sick, homeless, not having job skills >>>NONE OF THESE ARE CRIMES. The only crime is that in THIS society, in THIS country, where there is such an OBSCENE AMOUNT OF WEALTH IN THE HANDS OF THE FEWEST PEOPLE that we ALLOW (and let's be clear, we ALLOW, people to be poor, sick, homeless, etc.). Not only do we ALLOW it, we VILIFY those who are like they are the failures. WE, OUR COUNTRY, OUR SOCIETY, OUR PSYCHOPATHIC OBSESSION WITH WEALTH, AND OUR SYSTEM OF EXPLOITATION AND DESTRUCTION OF HUMAN BEINGS, AIR, LAND, WATER, AND ANY AND ALL RESOURCES AVAILABLE TO US ON THIS PLANET ARE THE PROBLEM.

If people don't want Portland to be a cesspool they have to stop sucking capitalist cock and pretending that everything we choose to do and support and rail against (no rent control! no taxation of billionaires or corporations! no social services of any kind!) isn't THE CAUSE OF THE PROBLEMS.

I am fucking sick to death of people bitching about things that they do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO FIX.


@1 you can have billionaires, or you can have a just, functioning society. no room for both.


If only there was a large, centralized facility that could have housed and provided services for, say, 510 of our most vulnerable citizens. Alas, to dream the impossible dream.


When the city and state are run by liberals what else would anyone expect!


John's a dick.
Anyway, yeah as much as I know Daryl Turner to be a piece of shit, I think he's probably correct in stating that things have gotten to this point by the city not having a plan. Or only having bad ones.
Mind, he's still a scumbag. At least part of the failure here is the PPB's great love of whining when they are caught doing bad things. This time around, it led to them saying, "OH, SO YOU DON'T LIKE IT WHEN WE KILL HOMELESS CRAZY PEOPLE? WELL THEN I GUESS WE JUST WON'T DO ANYTHING AT ALL!" and then crossing their arms and sulking. Fuck that, and fuck Daryl Turner.


@4 Conservatives and Republicans spend all of their time gutting social services and providing tax cuts to the obscenely wealthy and corporations. The Republicans in D.C. gave away the biggest tax cut scam in the history of this country after the traitor took office and to pay for it they are going to completely gut Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

Blaming liberals for everything makes no sense and means nothing. Please explain to me how if Portland and Oregon were run by conservatives things would be better? I really want to know. In detail. What would THEIR solution be? Murder them all? Put them all in prison (see the above regarding homelessness and other social problems not being crimes)? Just what, exactly, do you think life would be like in a city and state run by conservatives? Right now we've got a country run by conservatives and they are destroying everything they can possibly destroy as fast as they can possibly destroy it while they prop up a traitor who is an agent of Russia so they can finish their agenda before they all go down. Traitors are hung. Hopefully their accomplices are, too.


It is
2.Mental health
3.The Oregon Lottery
And , Cost of living
“Those are the 4 things happening right now in our city causing this crisis”.

In that order period.

Those of you that need me to show you personally can hold a town hall or public meeting. I’ll be there.


Wherever pot is legalized, massive homelessness results.

They first do pot, then opioids the research shows, not the other way around.
Hordes of young people addicted in Portland, San Fran, Seattle, etc.

Their minds are shot, their bodies call out for more drugs, they defecate where they stand, and panhandle for the next high.

Everyone acts like they cannot understand why this is happening to liberal areas, and no one is allowed to say it is pot legalization since it is politically incorrect to state the obvious.


...Or, in your case, the deeply brain-damaged. You are lying, or merely incorrect, in your assessment of where homelessness comes from. But I suspect that that's the case with most things you say, write and think.
Also, Juanlive, Jamol Eli and John.2018 are all similar enough that it's fairly clear you're all the same shithead. Raise your game, clownshoe.


Yup, each of those comments is either a one-off or leads back to a 404 error page.
So to deal a little more comprehensively with the incoherent views of this individual: the idea of marijuana as a gateway drug has been roundly discarded by actual scientists and stuff. So throwing that in there might make you seem a little...old.
So "mental health' is one of the reasons Portland is a "cesspool?" Do you mean the concept at large, or the Quiet Riot album -dammit! That's "Metal Health!"
"They defecate where they stand." I'll need to see some proof on that one.


There is no easy solution; however, I do know that Portland is looking more and more like a 3rd World country. Garbage everywhere. Shantytowns. Sidewalks you can barely walk down due to the tents and tarps and makeshift shelters. I feel bad for the homeless, but I also get sick and tired of being constantly bothered every time I go anywhere in the city. "Hey, man - got a cigarette?" "Hey, man... do you have a dollar?" When my parents came to visit last year, they couldn't understand it. They were like, "they just let people set up tents on the sidewalks?" And I was like, "yep - welcome to Portland." No matter which side of the debate you're on, I think we can all agree that if it gets much worse, tourism to Portland will end. Who the f&ck wants to go on vacation to a city that makes you feel like you're on your way to Thunderdome?


Yes, hard to believe a city awash with drunk, belligerent, publicly shitting homeless people sees a disproportionate number of homeless people arrested. Get them off the streets by helping those who are proactive to improving their lives, put the criminals in jail. The city should be focused on this and avoid the easy route of playing to the runaway paranoia of shitting on the police.