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Joey Gibson talks to a Occupy ICE protester.
Joey Gibson talks to a Occupy ICE protester. Alex Zielinski

Good morning, Portland! We're looking at a high of 96 degrees today—and it's the coolest day of the week. PREPARE ACCORDINGLY. Here's some news to start your day:

Patriot Prayer v Occupy ICE: Friday ended with an unexpected appearance of some alt-right boys at the Occupy ICE PDX camp. Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson and a few buds went to the Southwest Waterfront protest to "drop the fists... and exchange ideologies.” It was expectedly tense and full of built-up testosterone—and was over as quickly as it had begun.

92 Percent Contained: Firefighters are close to extinguishing the massive Substation Fire that’s destroyed nearly 80,000 acres southeast of The Dalles.

Baby Steps: A week after dismissing a glaringly obvious hate crime against a lesbian couple in SE Portland, the Portland police have arrested a man (in an unrelated case) on hate crime charges. Huh.

We Love You, Toronto: Two people have died and at least 12 have been injured after a 29-year-old man began shooting at people in Toronto's Greektown neighborhood. The shooter died after the police arrived on the scene and began shooting at him. It's still unclear what motivated his rampage.

Today in Trump's Psychological Warfare: After Iranian President Hassan Rouhani cryptically advised the US seek peace with Iran, Trump unleashed one of his classic cans of misguided Twitter whoop-ass (see below). Iranian officials called it “psychological warfare" — which is truly the best term for every single thing Trump has done.

Bringing Her A Game: Trump’s mounting failures have only strengthened Democratic powerhouse Senator Elizabeth Warren. And she’s not waiting until 2020 to destroy his legacy.

Gold Star: Prolific and beloved Los Angeles food critic Jonathon Gold passed away this weekend. Fans of Gold, who favored taco trucks and hole-in-the-wall delis over fine dining, say his writing helped readers embrace LA as a (delicious) cultural melting pot.

Journalism is Dead: The NY Daily Newsslashed nearly 50 percent of its staff in vicious layoffs today.