Why should we trust Wheeler and Eudaly (assuming they are still in office, god willing they aren't) to do anything intelligent with this data, considering they just rammed through and ill-advised relocation ordinance that has had highly predictable and detrimental effects to many Portland tenants, and considering they listen solely to PTU and other "advocates" who shill for the same failed policies that have driven rents sky high in LA, San Francisco, Santa Monica, etc.

As to the "meticulous" study the relocation ordinance was premised upon, there's no way it could have been meticulous, as the underlying data doesn't actually exist - that's the whole point of this article. You can't be "meticulous" if you are piling multiple assumptions on top of each other. Not to mention the conclusion the policymakers draw, no matter what the data says (or the mountains of prior studies done by academics and urban planners) is to implement stricter rent control every time.

Everyone who looks at this issue outside of rabid tenant advocates sees the very clear conclusion that the negatives of rent control outweigh the positives, and that there are many other better tools, like designated affordable housing, housing vouchers, better zoning (easier by-right development, decouple housing from parking, allowing missing middle housing, etc.), and everything else that has worked well to keep rents naturally stable in places like Chicago, Tokyo, and many other large cities.

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