If you've attended any cannabis-related events in the past three years, you might have seen the team from Studio McDermott capturing the festivities with their video cameras and mics. They've been shooting since September 2014, and have spoken to virtually everyone in the industry, or as they put it, "interacting with various Oregon scientists, patients, politicians, doctors, and cannabis culture experts."

Amy and Michael McDermott have shot hundreds of hours of footage of interviews and event coverage, and have reached the next step in turning all of it into a finished product that they're calling Oregon: The State of Cannabis. And now they're looking for people to help make it happen.

To complete their film, the McDermotts have brought on Jim Belushi, who is both an Oregon transplant and involved in the industry with his own line of cannabis. In the words of the documentary's GoFundMe campaign, "Mr. Belushi will investigate and provide overview of Oregon’s transition from a medical marijuana state to a legal recreational state examining how it's changing the way cannabis is perceived, researched, consumed, and distributed."

Right now the filmmakers are seeking to raise $75,000 to purchase and use music for the soundtrack, and for the motion graphics. The documentary has potential to become by far the most comprehensive coverage of the industry as it has unfolded, written and produced by Oregonians who were here for every step of the journey.