Things You Can Do Instead of Brawling on the Waterfront This Saturday



Man, I sure am glad Kelly Kenoyer's article was here to tell us all how to get mimosas while fascists roam the streets attacking our neighbors. I mean, it would be EXHAUSTING having to deal with one of those blase' Charlotesville things that they had in Virginia (so gauche!).

What's really great is that, instead of dealing with racism that affects our neighbors, New Portland has SO MUCH to offer! We can just ignore things until they come to our front door! I mean, if you're a Phi Beta Kappa, that's probably pretty far down the road, right? I mean, as long as it's not in my backyard....

In all seriousness though, imagine this being in Charlotesville's weekly right before that happened. Do yourself a favor and cut bait with Kelly before you make a mockery of yourself, your weekly and this city.


This article is disgusting and aids the alt right by othering those that fight those bumblebee shirted assclowns. Scaring people off from protesting regressive extremists that promote racism under the guise of self preservation is unresponsible and dangerous. Show. Up. The proud boys feeling comfortable in Portland is a bigger threat to this city than condos.


Ignoring the right only embolden them. They come back with bigger numbers.


but but but I live on the waterfront . . . is this going down @ ICE