Laurelhurst Theater
Laurelhurst Theater Kelly Kenoyer

A week ago, an interracial couple came to Laurelhurst Theater to watch a showing of Sorry to Bother You and, instead of enjoying the film, were allegedly soaked with beer by an annoyed patron—and kicked out of the theater after they complained.

Rashida Young and Brendon Quinn were appalled by the treatment—which they think had to do with Young's race—and posted about the experience on social media. "The man who threw beer did not enjoy being told no by a Black woman. The managers did not believe a Black woman," Young wrote in a public Facebook post.

After a swift backlash, Laurelhurst Theater has now apologized to the couple both in person and publicly, on Facebook. "We, the owners and management apologize to Rashida and Brendon for the events that unfolded at the Laurelhurst Theater on July 25, 2018," the two owners wrote in a post yesterday.

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The owners, Prescott Allen and Woody Wheeler, promise to schedule conflict resolution and equity training for the staff—one of the specific requests from Young after the incident. The theater will also donate some of the proceeds from Sorry to Bother You to a non-profit of Young's choosing.

In a phone call before the public apology went live, Young and Quinn told the Mercury that they were satisfied with the conversation they had with the owners of the theater. A mediator was involved in the conversation, and the couple expects that they'll be involved in ongoing discussions about how the theater should handle similar situations in the future.