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Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw at yesterdays press conference
Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw at yesterday's press conference Kelly Kenoyer

Good Morning Portland! It's a beautiful day to... Oh god, we have an excessive heat warning, actually. It's a BEAUTIFUL DAY TO STAY INSIDE Let's get to the news.

The trial isn't going very well for Paul Manafort: His best buddy, Rick Gates, admitted under oath yesterday that he was involved with criminal activity with Manafort.

Jonestown: Conspiracy theorist and walking trash heap Alex Jones has had content removed from Apple, Facebook and Spotify. The companies cited hate speech as the cause of the removals. YouTube terminated Jones's entire channel.

Just the worst: the evil Trump administration wants to limit citizenship for LEGAL immigrants if they have ever participated in public welfare programs, including the Affordable Care Act.

572 children are still in shelters because of the president's cruel family separation policy, and the government is pushing responsibility onto non-profits to resolve the problem. “The reality is that for every parent who is not located, there will be a permanently orphaned child, and that is 100% the responsibility of the administration,” Judge Dana Sabraw said.

California is very, very on fire: The Mendecino Complex fire is now the largest in the state's history, clocking in at 443 square miles. Donald Trump, ever the great scientist, said Northern California rivers should be drained to put out the blazes. I hate to tell you this, man, but that's bad science.

Ohio is having a special election today for congressman of a traditionally conservative district—will Republicans get the seat again, or will a local Democrat wrest away control?

Rescue work continues in Indonesia following a 6.9 earthquake that has killed nearly 100 people.

American sanctions against Iran have ticked into place, and now Trump is warning our trading partners, "Anyone doing business with Iran will NOT be doing business with the United States."

Portland Police were pretty violent at the August 4 Patriot Prayer rally, and they primarily targeted anti-fascist counter-protesters. That's something Police Chief Danielle Outlaw defended at a press conference yesterday. "If you’re given an order to disperse and you choose not to, that tells me... that you are there for confrontation," she told reporters.

Excessive heat in Oregon combined with wildfires could make life extra miserable for residents—and firefighters—in the Willamette Valley this week. But maybe what we need to prevent these blazes in the future is... more fires.

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Hmmmm: A distracted teenager on her cell phone walked in front of a MAX train in Beaverton yesterday. She was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.

Portland is growing really fast, but not very evenly. Here's a breakdown of where apartments are being built the fastest: Spoiler alert, it's the Lloyd District and The Pearl.

That's all folks! Hey Portland, look at this huge moth that I found. Oh, there it goes! Isn't that cool?