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Good morning, Portland. IT IS STILL HOT OUT, THE AIR IS STILL SMOKY, HOW IS EVERYONE DOING. As someone who recently moved back to Portland from Texas, I am happy to incessantly remind you that it's not that bad. (Yes, I am a monster.)

Here's some news to start your day:

Rentals Going Rogue: Portland's released an audit on it's 4-year-old regulations for Airbnbs (and other short-term rentals). Turns out, some 80 percent of all hosts don't have the mandatory permit required to run a rental. But the city's not entirely sure, nor is it able to enforce this rule, because it has ZERO useful data from Airbnb (et. al) to let them know anything about the rentals. According to the city, that'll change soon.

Bureau Swap: Mayor Wheeler's done that thing again where he redistributes bureaus among his fellow city commissioners. Here are some initial thoughts on the shuffle.

Trouble in River City: Protesters showed up at Portland City Hall yesterday to criticize how Portland police handled last weekend's Patriot Prayer rally. Two protesters left in handcuffs, their questions unanswered by city officials.

Silent Treatment: It's time Portland takes the threat of Patriot Prayer rabble-rousers seriously. To do so, we suggest leaning on the First Amendment.

Bullet, Dodged: No, the Department of Justice won't be investigating Governor Kate Brown's deal made with Nike and labor groups to drop a ballot initiative campaign.

Sorry Not Sorry, Brock: A federal judge rejected Stanford rapist Brock Turner's request for a new trial, upholding Turner's sexual assault convictions.

Puppetry: The US has placed sanctions on Russia for the country's likely involvement in poisoning a former Russian spy in England. RUSSIA NOT HAPPY.

Preparing for the Worst: The governor of Virginia has declared a state of emergency in preparation for the one-year anniversary of Charlottesville's deadly Unite the Right Rally. Several alt-right protests are planned to take place across the country—including in Charlottesville and Washington, DC—to commemorate the day.

Horrifying News of the Day: Police have arrested a man charged with kidnapping and starving 11 children on a New Mexico compound, where he was allegedly training the kids to be school shooters.

Traffic Jam: In a move to decrease traffic congestion, New York City has placed a cap on the number of Uber and Lyft drivers in the city for one year. Uber and Lyft are not pleased.