Burnside Brewing's "Cornholio Burger" | Photo by Meg Nanna

It is happening again. Burger Week starts on Monday and lasts all the way through Saturday with 50 burgers from 50 different restaurants, bars, and strip clubs. What comes on a “Fat Brando” or a “Crazy Carl?” Want to know what the secret ingredient is on “The Very Stable Genius Burger?” Visit our special Burger Week website, where we give you the rundown on each of these burgers. (And that special ingredient is Cheetos, but you already knew that.) Collect 'em all!

In other Mercury news, we reported that the Boiling Bowl plans on bringing pho back to the old Toast & Pho space on NW 21st, possibly by next month. Our critic rounded up the best spots in town to get your crawfish boil on and she also visited Micah Camden’s new and incredibly busy fast food burger drive-in concept Super Deluxe. Her takeaway: “When Super Deluxe was good, it was VERY good. But when it was bad, I was temper-tantrum-level mad.” Still, she thinks the team will work out the kinks for a business that’s only been around a month.

The O this week rounded up and ranked Portland’s best pizza by the slice. Of the 10 spots it visited, the top honors went to Baby Doll, Scottie’s, and Ken Forkish’s Checkerboard Pizza in the Pine Street Market space.

Willamette Week visited the new Italian eatery, Corzetti, over on NE Prescott and 15th. It was…not impressed. Some dishes worked, like the Tuesday night cast iron chicken special, but the paper says it’s not the destination restaurant it could be. Which is an interesting point. Should we expect chefs to open destination joints? Is it okay to open an unfussy restaurant that caters to its neighbors?

Finally, Eater reported that Kachka just started its lunch program at its new space over on SE 11th. The Wild North food cart just started offering brunch at the Cartlandia pod. SuBe, the Old Town sushi restaurant that opened in 2014, is closing this month. However, the owner teased that he’s working on a new, as-yet-unnamed concept, so we’ll all need to stay tuned. Lastly, it shared the news that Laika software engineer and food blogger Nick Woo has created the listicle to end all listicles: He’s aggregating the best restaurants in Portland based on metadata gleaned from this town’s food journalists. And he’s just getting started. Read the story, and then visit his feastmeatswest website for even more of the story.