Alice Bolin's Dead Girls Explores Why Everyone in the Northwest Is so Obsessed with Serial Killers



Feel free to tell us where that place is that is not obsessed with serial killers, Rich.


Matter o' fact, feel free to elucidate how the northwest is somehow more obsessed with serial killers versus other regions of the United States (or the world, if you wish), using examples.
All I saw here was the note that Moscow, Idaho is "isolated," and near Ruby Ridge (where the last people killed were done so by the FBI, in the broad daylight). Yes, it is easier for serial killers to operate in places where there's lots of open space, but that's not what you said there: it's that we're all obsessed with serial killers out here, as opposed to say, New Jersey.


And to continue my charity work of making this one of the most "popular" articles on here: "surviving an american obsession?" In what way is this anything but hyperbole at its shittiest? In what way are 'True Detective' and 'Twin Peaks' comparable? How is that either of them fail to be about "existential" growth or whatever anything other than some terrible question-begging by an author that starts out Reaching?
Yes, serial killers tend to be men. No, the victims are not always white women, but the shows about them tend to make it seem that way. Yes, yes. Very smart to point out these things.
But seriously : now you'd like me to read your shit on Joan Didion and Britney Spears? What is this; Make Fun of the MFA bingo?