The Portland Mercury's Burger Week Begins!
From Monday August 13 - Saturday August 18, at 50 of Portland's finest restaurants, you'll find one-of-a-kind burgers that exist only for the Mercury's Burger Week brought to you by New Seasons Market! And even better? Each of these wondrous creations will cost a mere $5! Special thanks to Jim Beam, Widmer Brothers Brewing and Oregon's Finest for supporting Burger Week.
Aug 13-18, Various Times and Locations, check the Burger List for participating restaurants and burger availability

T-Rextasy, Ruune, Kids' Table
New York punk band T-Rextasy played their first show the night before their senior prom and have since dropped an excellent debut LP (2016’s Jurassic Punk) and the new single “Girl, Friend.” Tonight they’ll play all-ages venue and community center Marrow PDX, which is entirely volunteer-run and features shows booked by youth performers.
8 pm, Marrow PDX, $5-15, all ages

Dead Girls
Author Alice Bolin reads from Dead Girls, a critical essay collection examining literature, pop culture, and American society, and the ways women are often used as props in men-focused narratives. Bolin will be joined in conversation by poet Ed Skoog, author of Run the Red Lights.
7:30 pm, Powell's Books on Hawthorne, free

The Turnout
Every second, third, and fourth Monday of the month, the Secret Society and the Turnout join forces to bring you some form of live storytelling, interviews, stand-up comedy, improv, or music from a rotating cast of local acts. For details on tonight's show, click here.
8 pm, The Secret Society, $10

David Foster
The Canadian musician, composer, producer, and arranger known for producing some of the biggest songs of the 20th century brings his solo stuff to the Newmark for a rare and intimate Portland performance.
8 pm, Newmark Theatre, $79-99

The Lord of the Rings (1978)
Nope, this is not a marathon of Peter Jackson’s landmark live-action trilogy—though why would you want it to be that, anyway? Who told you sitting for 12 hours in a theater with odorous strangers watching that pillow fight for the 20th time was a worthwhile endeavor? Whoever it was lied to you. Anyway, this Rings represents the first real crack at adapting J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy epic by over-ambitious animator Ralph Bakshi. Bakshi’s Rings has a few notable moments (some of which Jackson lifted for his own adaptation) and there’s always a weird otherworldliness to the visuals that makes the fantasy just a little more fantastical. But the budget running out on Bakshi means you’ll end up with only half a story (the film ends after Helms Deep), and a mess of badly adapted, badly acted, badly designed characters gesticulating wildly at literally everything. As a film? It’s a loud, tone-deaf mess. As a rough draft of the trilogy that would come decades later? It’s a fascinating, fitfully entertaining rotoscoped document of failed vision. BOBBY ROBERTS
4:15 pm & 9:25 pm, Academy Theater, $3-4

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