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Local residents show their support for firefighters near the Taylor Creek Fire
A sign supporting firefighters near the Taylor Creek Fire US Forest Service Pacific Northwest Region / Darren Stebbins

Good Morning, Portland! It's going to be a scorcher today—it could get up to 100 degrees, so stay indoors and hide from the vile, evil sun. Let's get to the news!

Another car attack in England: A man swerved into a row of cyclists and people in Westminster early on Tuesday near the Parliament building. Several were injured but no one has died. Witnesses say the attack appeared deliberate, and police have arrested one man on suspected terrorism charges.

Turkey's president and our president are fighting right now about all kinds of things, including tariffs, the war in Syria, an American minister imprisoned in Turkey, and Trump's continuous attacks on NATO. But hey, at least the prez can pronounce Turkey's name, unlike Bhutan and Nepal, which he apparently pronounces as "Button" and "Nipple."

A Baltimore cop resigned after video surfaced of his unprovoked and brutal beating of a man in the street.

A Floridian with a gun was charged with manslaughter despite arguments that he was merely "standing his ground" when he shot and killed a Black man during a dispute in a convenience store parking lot.

Climate change could have some unexpected impacts, including more food contamination and more car accidents, according to a recent study.

Terrifying: A highway bridge built in the 1960s has collapsed in Italy, killing 20. The collapse occurred during a heavy rainstorm in the section of the bridge that crosses a river.

Here in town, Portland State University has announced that it will lower barriers to admission and welcome numerous Saudi students who are being forced to quit their studies at colleges in Canada and leave the country. The Saudi students have been told by the Saudi Arabian government to leave the Canada within a month. The conflict rose out of Canada's support for feminist activist Samar Badawi in Saudi Arabia who was arrested early in August.

Oregon is very on fire right now, and it's harming our air quality. Three major fires in Southern Oregon, the Klondike fire, the Taylor Creek fire and the Miles fire, all top 40,000 acres each. Worried about the air quality? There's an app for that.

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Meanwhile, the whole damn state is in a drought.

Portland Public Schools are likely to have really overcrowded classrooms next year—even more so than usual. But the district is holding off on assigning new teachers to take the load off.

That's all, folks! Hey, remember how great The Blues Brothers (1980) is? Check out this amazing performance by the one and only Aretha Franklin.