This Saturday, August 18, Green Hop Dispensary will be holding a block party. It's not a street fair, so if this term is somewhat foreign to you, I urge you to watch and then re-watch the excellent concert film Dave Chapelle's Block Party.

Starting at noon, the Green Hop Fest Block Party will welcome a long list of skilled MCs and musicians to the stage, all playing this benefit for the Green Hop Academy, which "is designed to teach and bring more people of color into the cannabis industry." We should always work towards that goal, everywhere and all the time, but now you can help others rise up while you get down. Unless you plan to do the the robot or running man, in which case, please stop.

The party is, first off, FREE. But if it were $5, you would laugh at the steal of a deal you were getting, so maybe throw $5 to the effort via a donation to Green Hop. It runs noon to 9 pm at 5515 NE 16th, and you should grab your ticket with the link listed below.

The list of who is playing is extensive to say the least, with headliners Dead Prez closing out the night. but get there at noon and make a day of it with the following performers: Mic Crenshaw, Blossom, Stephen Jerome, Keylaj, Danny Sky, Young Jersey Mane, Fountaine, Easy McCoy, Hanif, Rasheed Jamal, Glenn Waco, Wes Guy, Risky Star, Mic Capes, and Dead Prez. Check out the event on our calendar for more info and a link to register for tickets.

Sat Aug 18, noon-9 pm, Green Hop Dispensary, 5515 NE 16th, FREE