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My, what a lovely view
My, what a lovely view Mercury Staff

Good Morning, Portland! It's looking to be another (cough) beautiful summer (cough) day! There's a high of 95, but all this smoke tends to keep the heat down a bit, so at least we've got that going for us. Let's get to the news!

Russian hackers have a new target: conservative think tanks. But they're not going after the pro-Trump ones—no, they're targeting those that support sanctions against Russia.

Trump praised ICE officials at a speech yesterday, but took some time to give a spiteful shoutout to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, calling his decisions with the ICE occupation "shameful."

Kicking out Nazis: A Nazi labor camp guard has been deported to Germany after years of deportation proceedings. Though the deportation order came down in 2004, he remained in the United States until this week because no other country would take him in.

Bye-bye, Silent Sam: Students at University of North Carolina marched to a confederate statue last night and tore that motherfucker down.

Still separated: Immigrant parents separated from their kids by Trump's zero tolerance policy were coerced into signing away the right to be with their children.

Nasty ashes: Trump's rollback of coal regulations will be very harmful to American health.

Still segregated: Parents are suing their children's schools over continued segregation and lack of school funding.

Biketown: A growing proportion of commuters in Portland ride their bikes to work. Still, the majority of commuters drive alone to work, and those of us pedaling are helping keep highway congestion down.

As part of an expansion of services, TriMet is bringing back 24 hour service on some of its bus lines. Seems like a good time to quit driving to work and start taking the MAX instead!

Striking your own side: One of the people injured during the August 4 Patriot Prayer rally was an anti-fascist demonstrator... who was assaulted by a different anti-fascist demonstrator.

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All this wildfire smoke is really bad for our health: newborns are being born smaller, and more people are going to the emergency room for help.

That's all, folks! Life can be hard sometimes, but it's important to remember that even the best of the best are always learning. Even the masterful Jackie Chan can still learn Shaolin techniques from a child.