Every few weeks, there's another GREAT NEW SHOW that YOU HAVE TO WATCH RIGHT THIS SECOND because EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT, and it's fucking exhausting, and most of the time (sorry!) the show isn't even that great.

Meanwhile, some truly fantastic shows quietly coast by, just a bit further in the background. Last year, one of those quietly fantastic shows was American Vandal, Netflix's pitch-perfect send-up of lurid crime documentaries and a pitch-perfect look at the weekly, daily, and hourly degradations that unfold in American high schools. Watch it if you haven't.

If you have, here's the new trailer for the show's second season, which was shot around Portland and looks to be just as excellent.

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Because the Mercury is a classy publication that cares deeply about quality television, covers Portland-related entertainment projects, and believes that poop is funny, we'll have more on American Vandal's second season closer to its release on September 14.