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Good morning, Portland! It looks like that lovely fall weather is gone for now. Today we'll have a high of 88 degrees, though it'll cool off towards the 70s through the week. Let's get to the news!

Trump is working to revise the North American Trade Agreement (NAFTA) over disputes with Mexico and is threatening to kick Canada out. He also is pretending the deal is no longer NAFTA, and is now calling it the Mexican-American Trade Agreement.

The United Nations has accused Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates of war crimes in Yemen. The UN report says the two countries caused massive civilian casualties and have blocked humanitarian aid from coming into the Yemen. The war in Yemen has long been considered the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

An anti-immigrant protest in Germany turned violent on Monday night. The protests came after the arrest of two apparent immigrants for violent crimes, and quickly turned into mob violence as anti-immigrant protesters chased and attacked people in the streets who appeared to be immigrants, including two Afghan teens were attacked.

Three states have primaries today, but two of them may be overshadowed sad local news. Arizona is mourning the death of its longtime senator John McCain, while Florida is reeling from yet another targeted shooting.

The Pennsylvania attorney general says the Vatican knew about the cover-up of priests' sexual abuse in the church. An former Vatican diplomat claims the Pope himself knew about such sexual abuse, and is calling for his resignation.

As for Oregon news, Oregon State University has begun construction of a new $50 million structure in Newport. The structure is meant to be "earthquake hardened" and could be considered a safe place to flee before the tsunami hits, post-Cascadia earthquake. It only fits 900 people though, so maybe don't move to Newport just yet.

Oregon's rural counties are full of angry, racist sheriffs, it turns out. Sixteen sheriffs have come out in support of Measure 105, which repeals a 30-year-old "sanctuary" law that prohibits state and local resources from being used to enforce federal immigration law.

Multnomah County's Community Justice Director is stepping down after just four months on the job.

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Some idiot illegally flew a drone near an active forest fire, forcing firefighting aircraft to land. Drones have the potential to severely damage aircraft, causing a crash in an already dangerously-on-fire area.

Speaking of which, Oregon is still very on fire. The Klondike fire in Southern Oregon alone is nearly 90,000 acres. Watson fire, also in Southern Oregon, is over 50,000 acres, and the Miles and Taylor Creek fires down south are both around the same size.

That's all folks! Check out this garbage collector who is sick of your heavy-ass garbage cans, Tom.