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Good morning, Portland! Do you know of any stellar journalists that should join our scrappy news team? Please holler. Here's some news to start your day.

Are TriMet’s Fare Enforcement Tactics Constitutional? Transit advocates, TriMet employees, and civil rights lawyers don't think so.

Should Have Checked This First, Don: Despite the accusations of Donald Trump, some Louisiana senator, and the ICE union, it looks like Portland police officers definitely responded to 911 calls from ICE staff during last month's protest.

Sanctuary, Schmanctuary: What's the point of being a sanctuary city if we're still handing over inmate info to US Marshals (who then share it with ICE)? Willamette Week's got the scoop.

Heartless: All four OHSU cardiologists trained to conduct heart transplants have resigned. That means patients seeking heart transplants will have to leave the state for the procedure.


DEVOS 4 PURGATORY: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has proposed new rules regarding sexual abuse on college campuses that, surprise!, protect those accused of rape and sexual assault and narrow the definition of sexual harassment.

Things That Are Straight-Up Racist: The Trump Administration has decided Hispanic Americans born along the US-Mexico border probably have fake US birth certificates. So the government is denying them passports. To be clear: American citizens are being denied American IDs because they don't look American enough.

A Thing I Feel Passionately About: San Francisco has plans to open the US' first "safe injection site"—a place for chronic heroin and other opioid users to access sterile needles under doctor supervision to inject drugs obtained elsewhere. Those opiates are often tested by doctors at the site toe guarantee they aren't laced with dangerous (and sometimes, fatal) chemicals. It's one of many "harm reduction" models for substance abusers, similar to a needle exchange program, that works in waves: First, it keeps a person alive by making sure their needles and substances aren't contaminated with deadly bacteria (ie: HIV/AIDS) or a blended with other dangerous drugs. Then, after a doctor builds a trusting relationship with the patient, the doctor ideally helps steer the user toward substance abuse treatment. Of course, some people don't understand the logic behind it. By some people, I mean U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein—who wrote an idiotic op-ed demonizing safe injection sites and said he'd shut 'em all down. Here's the great part: SF (and other US cities) care less about the federal threats than they do the lives of their patients. Suck it, ROD.

You Know What Really Grinds My Gears? When police officers tell a female journalist to "act like a lady" when they're handcuffing her for (legally) filming the police in public.

Today in Unheard Of Convictions: A white Texas police officer has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for murdering an unarmed black teenager. Let me repeat that. A white Texas police officer has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for murdering an unarmed black teenager.