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Good morning, Portland! It's going to be a drizzly, overcast day with a high of 70—the perfect temperature for wearing jeans and regretting it later. Here's some news to start your day.

Let's Talk About the U.S. Open: The woman's final of the US Open was chaos. Not only did 20-year-old newcomer Naomi Osaka beat her childhood idol, Serena Williams, but Williams was handed a $17,000 fine for arguing with the referee and smashing her racket on the court in frustration. Williams says referee Carlos Ramos' calls were sexist and insulting—that a man wouldn't have been punished for talking back to the ref in the same scenario. Billie Jean King agrees. In an editorial for the Washington Post, King writes: "When [women] react adversely to a heated professional situation, far too often, we’re labeled hysterical. That must stop. Tennis is a game, but for Williams and Osaka, it’s also their job, their life’s work."

Being at Home While Black: A white Dallas police officer has been charged with manslaughter after fatally shooting a Black man in his own apartment, because she had allegedly mistook the apartment for her own. Jesus.

Obamanos: Much to the delight of downtrodden Dems, Barack Obama has returned to the public spotlight, campaigning for Democrat candidates before the November midterms. In a Friday speech in Illinois, Obama unloaded on Donald Trump, calling him the "symptom, not the cause" of the country's current shittiness. It's often taboo for a former president to dump on a sitting commander-in-chief, but I am here for it. Right into my veins, please.

Low Blow, Cuomo: New York State Democratic Committee sent off campaign mailers this weekend falsely accusing Andrew Cuomo's opponent in the race for governor, Cynthia Nixon, of being anti-Semitic. The New York Times editorial board, which endorsed Cuomo, penned a scathing op-ed in response, calling on state Dems and Cuomo to apologize to Nixon for the "sleazy" move.

Moonve-in' On: CBS CEO Les Moonves has resigned after 12 women accused him of sexual misconduct spanning decades. He's one of the most financially powerful men who has lost his job since people started taking allegations of sexual assault in the workplace seriously, just under a year ago.

Flipping Out: Burgerville has banned employees from wearing pins after a number of employees wore "Abolish ICE" and "No human is illegal" buttons on their work shirts last month. The chain's union is pushing back.

Leave it to Wheeler: Echoing the condemnations of the Portland police union, Mayor Ted Wheeler told reporters Thursday that his new priority is cleaning up trash in Portland. Wheeler waxed poetic about the good ol' days of his upper-class childhood where nary a piece of trash graced the streets. It appears the mayor's gone full "Broken Windows"-era Giuliani on us.

I leave you with plaid shirt guy, the hero America needs: