Phillip Quinn

Wynne, “Buzzer”
Oh man. Oh woman! Oregon-raised MC Wynne dropped a stunner today with a new basketball-themed song and music video, “Buzzer.” In addition to having a cameo from Dame Lillard (!), the bouncy, two-minute video sees Wynne rolling around in a black car with her crew, spitting bars while hanging out the passenger side window, and quick snippets of her making bedroom eyes to the camera. And ya’ll, it’s two minutes of straight bars. Lots of Portland references and clever punchlines abound. Perhaps my favorite part (aside from her being flanked by Dame Lillard) is when Wynne slows it down so she can put Trump supporters in their place. “We got love for everybody but some of ya’ll crazy if I’m being honest/Cause you voted, now it’s 2018, and that man is still in the office? Jeez!”

Mic Capes, “Mansa Musa”
Speaking of bouncy singles, another one came from North Portland rapper Mic Capes in late August. I first heard “Mansa Musa” when Capes performed it at Portland Hip-Hop Day, and I instantly recognized it is as a bop. The catchy song is about Black excellence, Black love and generational wealth. The chorus repeats “I just wanna ball like Mansa Musa, swish/Make a million and get rich,” while the verses are centered more on his personal climb. On social media Capes explained that he wrote the track to draw more attention to the historical figure Mansa Musa, who was a sultan of the wealthy Western African Mali Empire in the 14th century, and is said to be the richest person in history. Go off, Black king!

Umii, “Don’t Let Up,” feat. The Last Artful, Dodgr
Last year Umii—comprised of Reva DeVito and producer B. Bravo—dropped their aqueous and soul-infused album This Time. On Monday the duo released a music video for their “Don’t Let Up,” remix featuring the distinct voice of Portland rapper/singer The Last Artful, Dodgr. Set in a plant-filled apartment oasis, Dodgr pulls off a joint and delivers titillating verse that sounds like it belonged on the dreamy, sensual track with DeVito the entire time. The video also features dancers Allison Jax and Treneti Brown, whose playful choreography simulates an interracial lesbian romance. Tomorrow Umii’s releasing This Time (Remixed) and it’s pretty much guaranteed to be packed with gems.