Burgerville's Button Ban Goes Into Effect Today



It would be awesome if every customer that went into Burgerville wore a button banned by the business. Took selfies. Posted them. And left without buying anything. This is fast food people and this is still (as far as I know) a country where the first amendment applies, even to minimum wage employees.


I’m not a Republican, but for the love of all that is holy I hope someone wears a “MAGA” hat, or a “Hilary For Prison!” button. How about a “Build The Wall!” or an NRA pin?

Somehow I think most extreme left-wingers would cry foul and say they feel “threatened” and demand that BV provide a safe space complete with warm bottles filled with organic almond milk.


Where does this burger flipper get off saying he DEMANDS something from his employer. I honestly hope BurgerVille just fires every last one of them. Plenty of people willing to work who won't be "demanding" anything from their employer.