Feds Expand Multnomah County's Subsidized Housing Program For Adults With Disabilities



This article leaves out a lot of facts There are two types of disability benefits. SSI is based on one's assets (you can't have more than x amount in cash and assets) and is collected by people with little or no work history, typically people disabled from birth. SSD is based one's work history (you must have worked x amount of hours in the last 10 years in order to even be considered), because every paycheck one earns taxes are taken out for social security and medicare (FICA).

I do not know the process for qualifying as disabled for those who collect SSI, but I do know the process for qualifying as disabled for those who collect SSD. You must be unable to work, in any way, and you must have seen doctors and be seeing doctors and continue to see doctors - doctors who fill out and submit paperwork to the Social Security Administration that state the specifics of your disability and why you are unable to work. THEN the government reviews your application and the paperwork submitted by your doctors and IF THEY determine you are too disabled to work, they will approve you for SSD. After approval you receive your first SSD check (which is the same amount you would earn they had calculated your retirement benefit based on your earnings) in 6 months. TWO YEARS after you begin receiving SSD you qualify to sign up for Medicare (unless you have ALS, then you qualify immediately, because most people with ALS die within 2-5 years of being diagnosed). I also believe end stage renal failure also qualifies you for immediate sign up for Medicare. Afterwards, depending on the severity of your disability, your case is reviewed by the Social Security Administration every 2, 5 or 7 years and that review includes proof that you have been seeing doctors and receiving medical care for your disability (even if you have something like ALS or MS for which there is no treatment or cure).

All this being said, even with a voucher, knowing the cost of housing in Multnomah county, how will anyone be able to afford a place to live? And section 8 voucher housing typically has yearS long waiting lists.

The maximum monthly payment for SSI (for one person) in 2018 is $750.
The average monthly payment for SSD in 2018 is $1197.
Medicare part B is $134 a month and if you need medications you have to pay for Medicare part D and if you have a Medicare Advantage plan (which helps cover what original Medicare does not cover, which is a lot) you also have to pay that plan premium.

There is no average wait for section 8 housing for disabled people, as the wait lists vary by state (and location within each state) and the wait lists vary depending on number of qualified applicants (some people literally wait up to a decade to obtain housing, how or where they are living before they get the section 8 housing, who knows - many are homeless).


and 99 vouchers when there are over 3000 people on the waiting list is still leaving a lot of people twisting in the wind.