Japanese band Toe is all about interlocking precision, and while their music doesn’t quite fall in the category of math rock, that’s probably the closest descriptor for their rigid but never robotic jams. Toe’s newest album, That’s Another Story, collects various odds and ends from over the years with an emphasis on remixes, revealing something pretty fascinating in the process. By stripping the band’s exacting musical interplay down to its fundamental sounds and building it back up again, these remixes have found common ground between loop-based electronic music and the hypnotic repetition of Toe’s propulsive sound. (8:30 pm, Wonder Ballroom, $18.50-20) NED LANNAMANN

Liz Phair, Speedy Ortiz
Exile in Guyville’s 25th anniversary has given the world a good excuse to revisit Liz Phair’s early streak of wicked genius, but this year also marks the 20th anniversary of Whitechocolatespaceegg, an essential record that splits the difference between Phair’s ’90s intensity and ’00s sheen. Nothing in the collected musical works of humankind is quite as lethal as “Fuck and Run” or “Flower” on Phair’s third LP. What Whitechocolatespaceegg does have is Phair’s greatest pop triumph (“Polyester Bride”) as well as a handful of songs (“Go on Ahead,” “Girls’ Room,” “Perfect World”) that recapture the magic of Guyville’s standout tracks. Let’s hope they get some love tonight. (8:30 pm, Crystal Ballroom, $25-30, all ages) CHRIS STAMM

Portland Timbers vs. Columbus Crew SC
With only three home games left in the regular season, the Timbers will be eager to take all the available points from tonight’s rematch of the 2015 MLS Cup Final. The Columbus Crew will be fighting hard for their own playoff spot, and Portland coach Gio Savarese will need to get his team selection just right for the Timbers to make it through the busy week unscathed. (7:30 pm, Providence Park, $29.50-165) CHIPP TERWILLIGER

Hatchie, Wildhoney
Sugar & Spice, the flawless debut EP from dream-pop purveyor Hatchie—AKA Brisbane, Australia’s Harriette Pilbeam—is a gorgeous, gossamer thing, filled with weightless stardust melodies and cozy-blanket hooks that make each track utterly irresistible. Tonight Hatchie plays her first-ever Portland show, so get ready to be infatuated. (9 pm, Doug Fir, $13-15) NED LANNAMANN

Mulholland Drive
Jesus holy mother of fuck what the CHRIST is that goddamned thing behind the diner? What IS THAT. UGH. (4 pm & 9:20 pm, Academy Theater, $3-4)

Deaf Wish
The Australian quartet bring their shapeshifting punk sounds back across the Pacific in support of their new Sub Pop-issued full-length, Lithium Zion. (9 pm, Mississippi Studios, $10)

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