Burgerville on strike

Beaverton’s second and now annual Restaurant Week gets underway next week, with more than 40 downtown restaurants participating. What’s that mean for you? First off, each of the 40-plus indie restaurants participating are each making one special dish to commemorate the event. Second of all, you can win a $25 gift certificate every night of the festival week if you post a photo to any of your social media feeds using the hashtag #BeavertonEats. Finally, if you’re not from Beaverton, it’s a great reason to visit the new Big’s Chicken, which recently opened up shop there. And it’s a great reason to explore other spots that you hadn’t already heard of. It starts on September 27 and lasts until October 7.

Okay, on to the news.

The O had the most polarizing food story of the week when it reported that an international pizza consultant named Portland the “greatest pizza city in America.” As you can imagine, the takes ranged from “Sure,” to “This is criminal.” Not to be outdone by the hottest of all hot takes, the paper itself declared that East Portland’s La Osita makes the best breakfast tacos in town.

Portland Monthly poured out a glass of drinking chocolate in honor of Sarah Hart, who announced that she’s selling her very popular Alma Chocolate operation to Moonstruck Chocolate.

Finally, Eater had lots of news to report this week, including the employee strike at Burgerville after banning political buttons on its workers; the closure of Sabin’s Irish pub County Cork; the imminent opening of the Rose City Book Pub in the exact same space; the opening of the brunch spot Hunnymilk at the far end of West Burnside; the brick-and-mortaring of the farmers market-born Twisted Croissant; the shuttering of NE Portland’s Sweetheart Pizza; details on the November opening of the new and all-but-impossible to improve Hat Yai (which will include table service); the closure of two Alphabet District beers joints (Old Lompoc and, with a hat tip from Willamette Week, The Abbey, which was located right next door); and Happy Dragon, a beloved Chinese restaurant via the town of Independence, is bringing its cooking game to NE 82nd.