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Good morning, Portland! it's officially FALL in Oregon, when trees explode into fire and you officially have grown too many zucchinis. Expect a high of 71 degrees today, with a bit o' sunshine. Here's some news to start your day:

Done Deal: Christine Blasey Ford has agreed to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, where she'll be grilled about her terrifying high school encounter with Brett Kavanaugh.

And Then There Were Two: Another woman from Brett Kavanaugh's past has come forward with allegations of sexual assault, this time from his college years. According to Deborah Ramirez, a Yale classmate of Kavanaugh's, the SCOTUS nominee drunkenly "thrust his penis in her face" at a college party while others watched and laughed. Kavanaugh claims this never happened, calling it a "smear campaign." Unfortunately for him, she's got witnesses.

"Give me your tired, your poor": The Trump administration has introduced a new, draconian set of regulations to keep immigrants out of the US. According to the rules published over the weekend, new immigrants will be turned away if the feds believe they'll be relying on taxpayer-funding public services—like Medicaid or food stamps. Because we only want immigrants fleeing violence and terror who can take care of themselves.

Canadian Meddling: Jordan Cove, a Coos Bay LNG business owned by a Canadian company, has been making some hefty campaign donations in Oregon. That's illegal.

UnFare: TriMet's routine fare checks on MAX trains and platforms have been ruled unconstitutional by an Oregon judge.

Welcome Back, Students: It's the first day of school for Portland State University students. At noon, students will hold a rally on campus to decry the July death of Jason Washington at the hands of campus police, and reignite a call for the university to disarm its small police force.

Oregon Does Bad Sports: Not a great weekend for Oregon sportsball. As a UO alum, I'm reminded to be VERY SAD that we lost to Stanford on Saturday. I watched the final minutes of the game—mostly because I was at a wedding in the woods and one of the caterers was very excited and made everyone huddle around his iPhone to watch. SKGO DUX! Adding to this tragedy, the Portland Thorns fell 3-0 to the North Carolina Courage in the NWSL Championship match Saturday afternoon. In the words of Mercury Thorns writer Erin O'Reagan: FARTS ON FEATHERS!

Asbestos Apts: A fancy apartment complex owner in Portland is being sued for having traces of asbestos in the luxury units. Maybe Donald "Make Asbestos Great Again" Trump will help cover the company's lawyer fees.

Brother Shame: This GOP Congressman running for reelection in Arizona is so shitty, six of his siblings made a video explaining why they're supporting his Democrat opponent. CAN YOU IMAGINE.