Portland Police Union and Neighborhood Groups Clash Over Wapato Shelter



Everyone knows the real purpose of this event: To launch Turner's campaign for elected office. He clearly intends to pander his way onto the City Council with empty anger and substanceless bigotry.

Not here. Fuck that guy.


Wow, I was at that meeting. I can't believe this "reporter" actually quoted the whacked out protestors in the back, and then completely mis-represented Turner's talking points, as well as the woman who dared speak about the uncontrollable crime emanating from the homeless population. Its as if she has an agenda. Ohhh, look at that, she's a homeless advocate, which is just a poverty pimp who wants the homeless to remain just that. The Mercury is a shell of its former self.


You said it, PerShelOzy77! The Mercury took a hard Left turn (politically speaking) a couple of years ago and are now what I call the Left's version of Breitbart News. (extremists)

Funny, when these extreme homeless advocates and a small group of homeless established an illegal camp last year called "Village of Hope," waaaaaaay out near 223rd and Airport Way, the Mercury was all for it. They wrote several articles about it, promoted the illegal camp and called anyone who opposed it a "NIMBY." (Not In My Backyard)

Yet, they oppose a shelter that was about the same distance from downtown as the short lived "Village of Hope" was even though it's an indoor facility with housing, a kitchen, hospital, bathrooms, showers...etc.

I've often wondered why they were so in favor of an outdoor illegal camp that was about the same distance from downtown as Wapato? Answer: Because they do the bidding of the extreme homeless advocates with no questions asked. It's really bizarre!

If you read the local neighborhood papers (Like St. Johns Review and the Mid-County Memo), you'll get accurate stories on the homeless problem. You'll read about true life negative experiences that actual residents are having due to the coddling nature of city hall and left-wing media outlets. No one has ever said that they hate the homeless, but they do want something to be done about the bad behaviors SOME of them engage in.

According to the extreme homeless advocates and the Portland Mercury, the homeless can never do anything wrong, and if you dare to point out any bad behavior they'll immediately use to old, tired line of, "Homelessness isn't a crime!" or call you names. Yes, a media outlet calling its readers names. SAD!


As an only somewhat-related note, myself and another commenter disagreed with Bobby Roberts' most recent article on here, and got deleted for it. Neither of us was mean, unfair, libelous or what have you: we just disagreed with Fatboy there.

So if the wonderful writing of Bobby Roberts is too pure to withstand the grubby paws of criticism, well, maybe it's not really great journalism then. Journalism has to stand accountable to the community it serves, and...

On a final note, do not read the St. Johns Review; it is idiotic.


LOL, what an utterly inaccurate write-up. The reporter might as well have not attended in the first place, she was going to write the same tripe regardless of what actually happened at the meeting.

The most transparently laughable part is where she claims that a woman likened the homeless to criminals, failing to note the qualifier "some," as in "some of 'them,'" not "all of them." That's not likening the homeless to criminals, that's pointing out that some homeless commit crimes. Does Alex Zielinski believe that no homeless people ever commit crimes? Some do, some don't. To point out that some do is not "likening" the entire population to criminals.

And yes, rich bachelor, the 'Merc has recently gone on a comment deleting spree, which goes against the entire ethos of what the 'Merc used to be and was always supposed to be. It's pretty depressing.