You know exactly the type of weather Sex Weather refers to. They are the best Portland days—dreary, but not so freezing that you crank the heat, so your house is still a little cold, so you nest under the blankets with another warm body. Set and filmed in Portland, Sex Weather opens with two hungover, naked adults squinting at one another and trying to find their phones. Over the course of a single cloudy day spent in bed, Darrel (Al’Jaleel McGhee) and Sydney (Amber Stonebraker) play out a relationship’s worth of intimacy and affection and being total assholes the way you only can when you really love someone. You’d better be okay with those conversations, because this is 100 percent of the film’s content—which felt like way too much at first, but as I got to know the characters, I became a thirsty little fly on the wall, loving the drama and happy for the grey day that pushed these characters inside. Filmmakers in attendance.

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