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Good morning, Portland! It's going to be a gray day today with a chance of rain in the late afternoon. It's also the first day of October, meaning it's time to dust off this very important video:

Whirlwind Investigation: The week-long FBI investigation into sexual allegations against Brett Kavanaugh has begun, and it's already proving to be anticlimactic. That's because the White House/Senate majority leaders have directed the FBI to interview just four people: Mark Judge and PJ Smyth (you probably recognize the names of Brett's high school bros by now), Leland Keyser (a high school friend of Christine Blasey Ford), and Deborah Ramirez (another woman who has accused Brett of sexual assault). It's a start—but Democrats don't think it's nearly comprehensive enough.

Rolling Blackouts: Meanwhile, a former Yale classmate of Kavanaugh's has issued a statement accusing Brett of blatantly lying about his drinking habits in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. Duh.

Here's Matt Damon (a past critic of the #metoo movement) playing Kavanaugh during the season premiere of Saturday Night Live:

Tragedy in Indonesia: A major earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Indonesia have left at least 844 people dead. The government has dug a mass grave to bury the bodies—many which remain unidentified.

Offsides (sports reference, amiright?!): An American woman has detailed rape allegations against international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo in the German newspaper Der Spiegel. She says Ronaldo paid her to keep quiet after the Las Vegas incident. He's denying the allegations.

NAFTA Lives: The Trump administration and Canada have agreed to salvage the 25-year-old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), just as long as Trump gets (most) everything he wants. That includes a rebranding—NAFTA is now called USMCA (really rolls off the tongue).

Why Tho: Kanye West said something about abolishing the 13th amendment—that pesky rule barring slavery—on Twitter. Cool.

Where Are the Children? In case you forgot, we're still housing hundreds of immigrant children who've been forcefully separated from their parents at the border. Over the weekend, most of them were shuttled to a massive concentration camp made out of tents in West Texas.

Fatal Cop Shooting: A man was fatally shot by police officers in downtown Portland early Sunday morning. While Portland police have remained zip-lipped about the incident, a number of advocacy groups have shared his identity on social media.

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